The Edge of Redemption is far more than a remarkable story. Troy Evans challenges us to engage subcultures that we often perceive as threatening--to ask ourselves, who are the unreachable in our own communities? Rather than flee them, we are called to reach out and offer redemption to those who are on the edge of destruction. Evans was chasing the hip-hop dream; fame, fortune, and power could be his. And he was sure he could get it all if the gang violence or the law didn't get him first. Then Gods redemption stepped in from the most unlikely circumstances to bring about the most unlikely change. 

Ten Years later, The EDGE of Redemption has literally inspired & challenged 1,000s of people all over the world. This powerful book includes practical “take it home lessons” at the end of each chapter. It’s been used in Universities, Law Enforcement, Ministries, Denominations, Prisons and small groups in the US & England. As a added bonus, the anniversary edition includes new graphics, a 10 year look back chapter from influential leaders, exclusive interviews, e-book, and audio book!!!